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Please read the STEPS IN SUBMITTING A PROPOSAL before completing this form and submitting your Proposal. Several changes have been made from previous years. Note: The program committee is not responsible for correcting errors. What you submit will be printed exactly as it is sent to MEXTESOL. Therefore, please proofread your texts carefully!


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Each presenter must register individually in order to be included in the entire proposal submission process.

No more than two presenters per proposal will be accepted. Proposals with more presenters will not be received.

Note: MEXTESOL retains the right to photograph, film or otherwise record the academic sessions, social events, Summaries for the Proceedings, and any other activities organized by MEXTESOL that are related to the conference for the use of MEXTESOL in its publications and webpage. By submitting your proposal, you agree to accept these terms. Also by submitting this academic proposal form you understand that you must not promote any commercial interests during your academic presentation.

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